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Motorization That Brings Shade to Your Life

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So, you've shopped around and found the perfect window shades for your Houston home - now what? We'll tell you what: You can also get motorization to go with it! To do that, simply call the window treatment company, Texas Shutter Company.

Our Houston-based experts offer a line of quality motorized window shades that are guaranteed to provide many years of dependable work. Whether you're looking to add ease to your life or just a modern touch to your home, you can count on our expert shutter company to provide those qualities with this top-notch installation.

Add Value to Your Houston Home with Motorization

Your window covering products shouldn't simply provide privacy and nothing more. They should also provide a number of other great qualities such as beauty and value. Happily, you can enjoy both of those qualities in spades with motorized window shades.

Designed with style in mind, the battery pack is hidden in the top or bottom rails of the shutters and will never detract from the beauty of your shutters. All motorized panel sections can be grouped together, so they can operate in perfect unison, creating a highly stylized and beautiful effect in the home. This beauty will help to bolster your home's resale value by a noticeable margin!

Add Ease to Your Life with Motorization

With the addition of PowerView Motorization, Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters are ideal for hard-to-reach windows, offering the convenience of avoiding repetitive manual adjustment. This feature will make your daily life that much easier and more stress-free.

This feature is especially useful if you or a loved one have limited mobility. Mobility issues can make even the simplest task something of a major chore. With motorized window shades, though, you can take the stress and strain out of the simple task of adjusting your window shades.

If you are looking for window motorization in the Houston area, please call Texas Shutter Company at 832-748-8837 or fill out our online request form.